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  • Water Purification and Filtration SystemsMini systems for Athletes, Trail Runners, Hikers & Campers and Counter top systems for the Home & Office, DIY kits for every day usage, fit to Tanks, taps with hose thread, Buckets even bottles. All suitable not only for urban areas but also rural areas. In today’s life no water source can be trusted, no matter how clear it looks, dangers such as Bacteria, Protozoa, Chemicals, Viruses are all found in most water sources. Raw waste water (Sewage) flow into rivers and streams and fed downstream. Tanked water must never be trusted. There are too many water sources that cannot be trusted for it’s purity and quality so never be without one of our systems and ensure pure healthy and clean drinking water for the whole family.
  • Blist O Ban. Equipment for the skin. Aimed at Athletes (Track, Long Distance Road Running, Trail Runners, etc.) and hikers, prevent hot spots and blisters, even before they appear or effectively manage them after they appeared, eliminate Nipple Chafe and apply over abrasions, also used at home. Packed in a easy to open, resealable watertight bag. Takes no space so easy to carry it with you on runs, trails, etc.


  • XcaperSurvival Gear for your lungs. The Xcaper filter and mask will protect you from deadly gasses & smoke inhalation and will give you time to get to safety. For the Professional it will allow you to continue working under hazardous conditions.




  • iEvacSmoke and Fire Hood. Designed after the traumatic events of 11 September 2001 to provide protection against chemical, biological and fire related gases including Carbon Monoxide.


All the above products are available through Safety Systems South Africa and for more information please send us an email to support@safetysystems.co.za with your enquiry and we will get back to you.